Hi, I’m Scott and I am a Boise local.

We locals know that Boise is a wonderful place with a great variety of things to do including a constantly evolving culture of food, year round outdoor activities and tons of family friendly things to discover.

As a Boise local I have made it my mission to find and enjoy some the coolest and most interesting places here along with great shopping and dining. Being a single dad, i have found it easy to discover exciting stuff to do with my kids that is safe, fun and educational. There is so much variety if you look.

I am also an avid lover of food, the outdoors, biking, river floating, hiking, camping and motorcycling. Here in Boise its easy to find all you need to satisfy any similar appetite for taste and adventure.

This site was specifically created to share these things with you, I would love to hear about your discoveries and look forward to creating more content that helps you discover more of this amazing little town called Boise – Enjoy!!