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Community Spotlight: Lucky 13 Pizza Re-Opens

Lucky 13 Pizza, one of the best Boise pizza places is open again. And they’re really bringing it with some great additions!

One of the best Boise pizza places recently changed owners, and with the new crew, the vibe is both comfy community staple, and a hip new spot.

What’s New at Lucky 13:

When I walked in everything looked like the old Lucky 13 I have missed. But with one unimposing addition. A hostess table, they have table service now!

Along with the new table service, they’ve added a great happy hour. From 3:00pm-6:00pm everyday, you can get buy one get one free drinks.

lucky 13 - Boise pizza places

On their menu you’ll find old favorites, with new appetizers and pizzas. They were careful to keep all of the Lucky 13 staples, including their popular salads and sandwiches on the newly updated menu. The old regulars will be happy!

I was with my kiddo, so I got her favorite pepperoni, and it was just as good as I had remembered it! We will be back very soon.

New Changes:

  • Table service
  • New menu (with the old staples)
  • Great happy hour
  • Specialty craft cocktails
  • Large whiskey selection
  • New hours!

With a new menu, new hours, new happy hour, and new table service Lucky 13 is coming back in a big way! And holding tight to their best Boise pizza places reputation.

Lucky 13 Menu:

lucky 13 menu - Boise pizza places

Note: this was published on 12/16/22. No updates have been made at this time.

Lucky 13 Hours:

The new hours for Lucky 13 are pretty amazing!

  • Monday-Thursday: 11:00am-10:00pm
  • Friday: 11:00am-Midnight
  • Saturday: 10:00am-Midnight
  • Sunday: 10:00am-10:00pm

Note: this was published on 12/16/22. No updates have been made at this time.

Chat with Lucky 13 Staff

I got the opportunity to chat with the new owners Chris Bailey and Willy Berry, and learned even more about the Lucky 13 reopening.

I asked them: “What can we expect from the newly reopened Lucky 13?”
“We do want to keep Lucky 13 and its reputation the same but offer Better-quality ingredients and food options. We come from the Whiskey Bar downtown so we also are offering a full bar with specialty craft cocktails, a larger whiskey selection, a daily happy hour, and remaining open until 10pm (sun-thurs) and midnight (Fri/Sat). “

They elaborated on why they wanted to keep Lucky 13 the same (with some improvements) and it all comes down to a love for Boise and the staples that make it special:
“Lucky 13 has been in Boise for 33 years and there has been a massive influence of out of state businesses coming in and growing/evolving our city into something else. So, when we found out Lucky 13 was going up for sale, we jumped on it as we believe Lucky 13 is part of Boise’s fabric.”

It seams Lucky 13 was almost a goner, when up for sale, the new owners shared: “There were many other offers on the table when Lucky 13 went up for sale and to my knowledge a few were going to gut the building and completely change it into (something) else. A goal of ours with lucky 13 is to take the quality and experience to another level.”

I think you’ll agree with me that Lucky 13 is in good hands with the new management. Be sure to visit and let us know your thoughts on the old Boise staple reopening.

“…when we found out Lucky 13 was going up for sale, we jumped on it as we believe Lucky 13 is part of Boise’s fabric.”

Final Thoughts on the Lucky 13 Re-Opening

Lucky 13 has been a staple in the Boise community, and I couldn’t be happier that this Boise pizza place is back open!

For years people out on the greenbelt for a bike ride or walk, have stopped in at Lucky 13 for a snack or a drink. The hot spot was always packed during the Shakespeare Festival as they are just 0.6 miles apart (an 11 minute walk according to Google maps).

And now we can look forward to the warmer months, sitting outside on their wonderful patio. While getting warm and cozy with a happy hour cocktail, group of friends, and an amazing pizza.

Let us know your Lucky 13 experiences, after all the months and years of small businesses closing. It’s time to celebrate the ones re-opening.

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