10 best yoga studios in Boise

10 Best Yoga Studios in Boise

Boise has a rich history in health and wellness. We are proud of the many yoga studios available to beginners, as well as avid lifetime yoga enthusiasts. If you are looking for traditional group sessions, or a more challenging Bikram hot yoga workout, you will certainly find what you need here.

Yoga can be freeing, liberating and open up new wellness options for you, I encourage you to check out the below options and enjoy. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

1. Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree is a well established and one of Boise’s well known yoga studios. They have many options for all tastes and experience levels. Their unique approach focuses on teaching to the participant’s ability and experience.

You will immediately feel comfortable here, their instructors are well rounded and centered in empathy and support. This is a safe place to get your yoga on!!

Photo credit – Yoga Tree Boise

What makes Yoga Tree Boise special:

  • Healthy variety of classes
  • Drop in
  • Beginner to expert
  • Affordable & accessible


Yoga Tree Boise can be found at: 1674 W Hill Rd Studio 18 Boise, ID 83702 (208) 631-4727

2. Zen Riot Yoga & Wellness Studio

This is one of my favorite yoga studios here in Boise, not only do they have an amazing, beautiful space, their goal is to help you become to become your most authentic self through yoga.

Unique to Boise, they also provide training and certification towards helping others. Zen Riot offers retreats and wellness services such as massage along with an a varied array of body and spirit healing practices. There’s lots of love at this place.

Photo credit – Zen Riot Yoga & Wellness Studio

What makes Zen Riot Yoga & Wellness Studio special:

  • Focused on finding your authentic self
  • Robust schedule & class offering
  • Wellness services
  • Affordable and convenient


Zen Riot Yoga & Wellness Studio can be found at: 5333 Franklin Rd Boise ID 83705 (208) 557-9102

3. Yoga Six

Yoga Six is all about creating the perfect mind-body experience. As one of the best yoga studios in Boise, their approach centers on an attitude of acceptance, inclusion and empathy.

They offer six core yoga classes that are energizing, empowering, fun and accessible to beginners and avid practioners. Studios are locally owned and operated.

Photo credit – Yoga Six

What makes Yoga Six special:

  • Six core yoga classes
  • Mind-body experience
  • Training & Certification
  • On-Demand online options


Yoga Six can be found at two Boise locations:

Boise – 2122 S Broadway Ave Boise, ID 83706 (208) 971-0238

Garden City – 5655 N Glenwood St Unit 100 Boise ID 83714 (208) 971-0238

4. True North Yoga

One of Boise’s classic neighborhood yoga studios that is all about finding your center. Owned and operated by Paul Graham and Naomi Jones who are long time Yoga teachers and students.

They provide a high quality instruction experience and offer a variety of classes and educational opportunities for beginners and experienced practitioners.

10 best yoga studios in boise
Photo credit – True North Yoga

What makes True North Yoga special:

  • Neighborhood Yoga studio
  • Training and education
  • Multiple yoga styles offered
  • Retreats & workshops


True North Yoga Studio can be found at: 1512 N 10th St Boise, ID 83702 (208) 917-8297

5. Studio Lotus Yoga

Modeled after the Lotus flower which is rooted in mud and submerges underwater each night to emerge the next day clean and energized. This unique yoga studio symbolizes how yoga can help you emerge into your true self each day.

Dedicated teachers and students provide a safe place to explore all aspects of yourself, creating a perfect environment for discovery. There’s beautiful spaces and energies here.

10 best yoga studios in boise
Photo credit – Studio Lotus Yoga

What makes Studio Lotus Yoga special:

  • Rooted in personal growth
  • Self care focused
  • Retreats
  • Training and certification


Studio Lotus Yoga can be found at: 1150 W State St #310 Boise, ID 83702 (208) 223-6845

6. Authentic Yoga Studio

Their name says it all, they are all about life in yoga and yoga in life. Focused on personal growth, they offer workshops, retreats, nutritional training all under the banner of self care.

Their programs include yoga for kids, mobile yoga and accommodations for anyone with an interest in strengthening their body mind and spirit. Truly one of Boise’s “Authentic” yoga studios.

10 best yoga studios in boise
Photo credit – Authentic Yoga Studio

What makes Authentic Yoga Studio special:

  • Yoga Certification
  • Retreats
  • Kid programs
  • Hot and traditional yoga


Authentic Yoga Studio can be found at two locations:

Boise – 5634 W State St Boise, ID 83703 (208) 991-0333

Meridian – 1626 S Wells Ave Suite #110 Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 515-2854

7. Hotworx

Hotworx is a unique experience using infrared energy to activate and strengthen regenerative processes in the body, combining yoga and exercise in a sauna like setting.

The benefits of Hot Yoga include muscle recovery, pain relief, stress reduction weight loss and improved circulation. if you love yoga, Hotworx can help you take your practice to the next level.

Photo credit – Hotworx

What makes Hotworx special:

  • Unique sauna/yoga experience
  • Infrared heat technology
  • Cross training
  • Drop in


Hotworx can be found at these three locations:

Boise – 3587 S Federal Way Suite 100 Boise, ID 83705 (208) 825-2125

Meridian – 2145 E Fairview Ave Suite 120 Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 435-7000

Eagle – 1060 S Ancona Ave Eagle, ID 83616 (208) 900-9989

8. Balance Hot Yoga

The name says it all, this yoga studio is all about finding the balance between mind, body, spirit and community. They offer a variety of options from standard yoga, infrared sauna, salt therapy, aerial yoga and Pilates.

By combining these holistic approaches and practices, students and teachers participate in activities that encourages a balanced perspective of wellness and awareness.

10 best yoga studios in boise
Photo credit Balance Hot Yoga

What makes Balance Hot Yoga special:

  • Traditional and Hot Yoga
  • Aerial, Pilates & meditation
  • Infrared sauna
  • Wellness bar


Balance Hot Yoga can be found at: 3055 E Fairview Ave Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 268-5391

9. Boise Bikram Collective

This is a yoga community focused on the Bikram hot yoga technique. The practice and community is managed by a board of directors and operated by instructors located in the Studio Move facility.

The Boise Bikram collective has a robust list of instructors and schedules to accommodate your hot yoga interests. They host workshops, for adults and kids and offer affordable membership pricing.

Photo credit – Boise Bikram Collective

What makes Boise Bikram Collective Special:

  • The orignal hot yoga
  • Collective yoga community
  • Workshops & camps
  • Teacher training


Boise Bikram Collective can be found at Studio Move: 6734 N Glenwood St Boise, ID (208) 871-9129

10. Yoga for Life

A lovely neighborhood yoga studio for all. At Yoga for Life, beginners are welcome, this studio provides a place where you can explore and learn. Their programs reduce stress, improve circulation and flexibility.

Flexible class schedules can accomodate your busy life and even offer some respite and clarity. Their goal is go help you find a clear mind, open heart and rejuvenated spirit.

Photo credit – Yoga for Life

What makes Yoga for Life Special:

  • Traditional Yoga
  • Beginners welcome
  • All ages
  • Affordable and flexible pricing


Yoga for Life can be found at: 3065 N Cole Rd Boise, ID 83704 (208) 617-3068

Final Thoughts on Best Yoga Studios in Boise

With so many options for yoga and wellness in Boise, it’s always hard to chose, but once again, our amazing little city delivers and provides amazing choices. Once you are energized from your yoga sessions feel free to check out some these fun Indoor Activities which will help you release some of your newly found yoga energy!!

As always, please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts and feedback.

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