10 best wineries in Boise

For the best local wine tasting, try these great Boise wineries and tasting rooms. Each time I drive down Chinden Blvd, I am reminded of the really cool wine tasting rooms and wineries we have here.

These unique Urban Tasting rooms create an accessible space for anyone interested in wine to explore and learn. These spots are also great for events and gatherings year round, oh and wine tasting in the snow is the best.

1. Par Terre Winery

Founders Travis and Mallory share a love of dance as well as love for wine.

With their humble beginnings of making their fist wine in a garage they continue to evolve their passions with Par Tere (a dance term meaning “On the ground”). Its a lovely Urban winery where they inspire each other and their customers with the dance of wine making. Enjoy.

10 best wine tasting in boise
Photo credit – Par Terre Winery

What makes Par Terre Winery special:

  • Regular performances & Events
  • Innovators in the Boise wine scene
  • Light food menu
  • Unique blends


Par Terre Winery can be found at: 4338 W Chinden Blvd Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 991-0402

2. Potter Wines

Owners Von & Crystal bring some unique innovation to the Boise wine community. Their Jalapeno wine is their brainchild and has become a positive disruptor in winemaking.

Whether its their Syrah, Reisling or their signature jalapeno lemonade, they leave their innovative fingerprint on everything they make. Dont miss this truly uniqe wine tasting experience.

10 best wine tasting in boise
Photo credit – Potter Wines

What makes Potter Wines special:

  • Unique jalepeno blends
  • Events
  • Family owned
  • All about new wine science


Potter Wines can be found at: 5286 W Chinden Blvd Garden City, ID 83704 (208) 793-1773

3. Telaya Wine Company

Born from a passion for wine, Earl and Carrie Sullivan merged their dreams to create Telaya Wine company.

Earl’s drive to experience cultures around the world combined with Carrie’s love for science birthed Telaya Wine. This name comes from a combination of their two favorite places, the Tetons and La Playa. They make some pretty damn good wine!!

10 best wine tasting in boise
Photo credit – Telaya Wine Company

What makes Telaya Wine Company special:

  • Family owned and run
  • Passion for worldly flavors
  • State of the art facility
  • Affordable wines


Telaya Wind Company can be found at: 240 E 32nd St Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 557-9463

4. Cinder Wines

Focused on wines from the Snake River Valley where volcanic soil produces some of the most unique grapes on our region, you will find Cinder wines to have a unique character and bouquet.

Explore white wines like Viognier and highly regarded red wines like Tempranillo & Syrah. Winemaker Melanie Krause brews up some truly unique blends.

10 best wine tasting in Boise
Photo credit – Cinder Wines

What makes Cinder Wines special:

  • Snake River Valley region
  • Worldclass winemaking
  • Voted best urban winery
  • Guided tasting experience


Cinder Wines can be found at: 107 E 44th St Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 906-0555

5. Coiled Wines

Wines are all made on site with fine grapes from the Snake River Valley, featuring a Dry Reisling, Syrah, Petit Verdot blends and their well known Sparking Brut Reisling.

Leslie Preston, founder and winemaker started in 2008 with only 380 cases and makes more than 2000 cases. The tasting room is also onsite and offers guided tastings in this lovely winery.

10 best wine tasting in Boise
Photo credit – Coiled Wines

What makes Coiled Wines special:

  • Vine to wine on location
  • Started in 2008
  • Local artist performances
  • Owner operated & dog friendly


Coiled Wines can be found at: 3408 W Chinden Blvd Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 820-8466

6. Split Rail Winery

Split Rail’s approach is to support local agriculture to create Idaho centric winery and wine styles. Their core focus is on Rhone varietal grapes and strive to evolve their creative process with each batch.

Jed and Laura Glavin drive the creative process with a goal of bringing interesting and delicious Idaho wines to the community. The winery and tasting spaces are stunning, definitely worth a visit.

10 best wine tasting in Boise
Photo credit – Split Rail Winery

What makes Split Rail Winery special:

  • Unique Rhone varietals
  • Supports local agriculture
  • Wine club
  • Family owned


Split Rail Winery can be found at: 3200 W Chinden Blvd Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 490-0681

7. Rolling Hills Vineyard Urban Tasting

Rolling hills vineyards are located in Eagle Idaho with a rich history of winemaking since 1960, creating award winning wines.

The urban tasting room is located conveniently in Garden city where they host tasting events, local artist performances and well as serve great food. This is an elegant urban space to hang out with friends and enjoy some exceptional wine.

10 best wine tasting in Boise
Photo credit – Rolling Hills Urban Tasting

What makes Rolling Hills Vineyard Urban Tasting special:

  • Tasting Room
  • Private events
  • Wine making since 1960
  • Award winning wines


Rolling Hills Vineyard Urban Tasting can be found at: 152 E 52nd St Garden City, ID (208) 948-3136

8.3100 Cellars

This lovely Boise winery makes classically inspired sparking Idaho wines adopted from techniques used in the Champaign region of France.

Their growing, harvesting and wine making is focused around keeping the spirit of the grape alive during the entire process to create an “Alive” experience. Their products are named after the dynamic waters of a river, such as rapids, eddies, whirlpools and many more.

10 best wine tasting in boise
Photo credit – 3100 Cellars

What makes 3100 Cellars special:

  • Sparking wine
  • Unique wine making philosophy
  • Wine club


3100 Cellars can be found at: 240 E 32nd St Garden City, ID 8374

9. Hyde Park Fine Wines

This fine neighborhood wine resource and shop is owned and operated by Scott and Caitlin McCoy. relocating here from Portland Oregon, they now serve as the valley’s leading wine shop for great wines and other fine grape fermentations.

This shop is truly amazing, with its own wine bar, wine club and weekly events calendar.

What makes Hyde Park Fine Wines special:

  • Wine bar
  • Wine club
  • Extrordinairy inventory or wine
  • Events and gatherings


Hyde Park Fine wines can be found at: 1304 W Alturas St Boise, ID 83702 (208) 385-0250

10. Tastings

This is Southeast Boise’s premier wine market and wine bar. They offers regular wine tasting events along with local artist performances.

This quaint neighborhood spot also offers a light food menu and a healthy variety of craft beer. Tastings is a wonderful after work or weekend gathering space. Enjoy!

What makes Tastings special:

  • Quaint Neighborhood wine bar
  • Tasting events
  • Local artist performances
  • Light food and craft beer


Tastings can be found at: 2447 S Apple St Boise, ID 83706 (208) 385-9463

Final Thoughts on Boise Wine Tasting

Its pretty clear that we have a unique wine scene here in Boise. I have visited most of our local Tasting rooms and they all have their own flare that makes them sparkle. I encourage you to visit these urban wine sanctuaries and would love to hear your feedback.

After your wine excursion, feel free to check out some of my favorite Thai or Sushi spots that will satisfy that appetite you worked up at the wineries.

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