Best ice cream shops in boise

10 Best Ice Cream Shops in Boise

There is always a healthy variety of Ice cream shops nearby in boise. You can find a good one in every neighborhood offering traditional ice cream treats and gelato.

Many of the local shops also include a candy shop to satisfy those sugary cravings. When I think of Ice cream shops near me, I know there is one right around the corner.

1. Stella’s Ice Cream

If you are looking for happiness, you have some to the right place. Stella’s is all about great ice cream and customer service. Their core values are to create and deliver kindness.

Rooted in community, this ice cream shop is all about the value of friends, and organizations that give back. Come enjoy some kindness and love paired with amazing ice cream!

best ice cream shops in boise
Photo credit – Stella’s

What makes Stella’s special:

  • Freshly made ice cream
  • Kindless and love with a smile
  • Gives back to the community
  • Locally owned


Stella’s can be found at: 100 N 8th St, Boise, ID 83702 (206) 504-6993

2. The Stil

When I think of imaginative flavors and creative pairing, The Stil always delivers. Their goal is to reinvent the ice cream experience using all natural flavors and ingredients.

Small batch ice cream made from Idaho cream along with vegan options made with coconut milk, as well as booze infused creations. Wanna get your tastebud socks knocked off? See you at the Stil!

best ice cream shops in boise

What makes The Stil special:

  • Unique flavors
  • Booze infused creations
  • Vegan options
  • Beer and Wine too


The Stil can be found at three Boise locations:

Bench – 13 S Latah St, Boise, ID 83706 (208) 992-7046

Downtown – 786 W Broad St, Boise, ID 83702 (209) 809-8888

East Boise – 3724 S Eckert Rd, Boise, ID 83716 (208) 810-3028

3. C4 Creamery Custom Rolled Ice Cream

If you haven’t had a chance to try rolled ice cream, you may be missing out on one of life’s rare pleasures. Since 2001 the Burgin Family has been rolling ice cream starting with a tent service.

This family has created a unique ice cream experience you have to try. Visit their shop to experience this unique concept of Ice cream, you wont be disappointed.

best ice cream shops in boise
Photo Credit – C4 Creamery

What makes C4 Creamery special:

  • Unlike any ice cream you have had
  • Family owned
  • Wow factor
  • Mobile services


C4 Creamery can be found at: 350 N Milwaukee St, Boise, ID 83704 ( 208) 809-6954

4. Goody’s Soda Fountain

From the days of soda fountain shops, Goody’s is an experience in sweet nostalgia. Delicious ice cream, shakes and sodas at their old timey parlor is wholesome fun for the whole family.

Located in lovely Hyde Park, they also have candy, chocolate creations, snacks, gifts and nice outside seating to enjoy the sunshine (weather permitting).

best ice cream shops in boise
Photo credit – Goody’s Soda Fountain & Candy

What makes Goody’s Soda Fountain special:

  • Ice cream, shakes, sodas made onsite
  • Handmade chocolate
  • 33 years of ice cream making experience
  • Open 7 days a week


Goody’s Soda Fountain can be found at: 1502 N 13th St, Boise, ID 83702 (208) 367-0020

5. Mojo’s Donuts & Ice Cream

Mojo’s is committed to changing the way people see and eat ice cream. Brother’s Patrick and Stephen Modjeski have a passion for ice cream and donuts and have created some unique treats.

best ice cream shops in boise

What makes Mojo’s Donuts & Ice Cream special:

  • Specialty ice cream
  • Donuts, Vegan Donuts
  • Milkshakes
  • Iced coffee


Mojo’s Donuts & Ice Cream can be found at: 4622 N Eagle Rd, Boises, ID 83713 (208) 271-9454

6. Negranti Creamery

Unique ice cream made from sheep milk that is lactose intolerant friendly, gluten free with real ingredients you can pronounce. They produce recipes from scratch using milk from pasture raised sheep.

Sheep’s milk is less than 8% fat and richer in vitamins and is more easily digestable than cows milk. You can feel good about eating this delicious treat.

best ice cream shops in boise
Photo credit – Negranti Creamery

What makes Negranti Creamery special:

  • Sheep milk
  • Family owned
  • Healthier treat
  • Gluten free and Lactose intolerant friendly


Negranti Creamery can be found at: 777 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702 (208) 918-0004

7. Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt

By far one of my favorite neighborhood shops for treats and goodies. I take my kids here pretty much weekly and we love there unique flavors and friendly service.

This is family owned place and if you want a little more whipped cream, they are happy to oblige! Don’t miss this quality ice cream shop.

best Ice cream shops in boise
Photo credit – Blue Cow

What makes Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt special:

  • Family owned (new owners)
  • Bubble tea
  • Soft serve & Specialty drinks
  • Food truck – Blue Cow Kitchen


Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt can be found at: 2333 S Apple St, Boise, ID 83706 (208) 261-1013

8. Cravin’s Candy Emporium

Known as one of the best candy shops in Boise. They also serve up an incredible variety of gelato in some of the most uniqe flavors I’ve seen.

They also have some the best party gifts around, lots of Kitschy items that are both humorous and memorable. You’ve got to give this place a try.

best ice cream shops in boise
Photo credit Craven’s Candy Emporium

What makes Cravins Candy Emporium special:

  • Neighbrohood candy shop
  • Huge variety of Gelato
  • Every type of candy you can imagine
  • Willy Wonka movie


Cravins Candy Emporium can be found at: 3064 S Bown Way, Boise, ID 83706 (208) 424-6099

9. La Creme Frozen Yogurt

Do you want toppings? La Crema Ice cream shops have over 60 toppings to choose from. Fresh and tasty soft serve yogurt along with Italian sodas and shakes.

Enjoy their tasty cake deserts like carrot cake, molten lava cake and their amazing macaroons. This place is mouth watering and will keep you coming back for me.

best ice cream shops in boise
Photo credit – La Creme Frozen Yogurt

What makes La Creme Frozen Yogurt special:

  • Over 60 toppings
  • Italian Sodas & Shakes
  • Pastires
  • Macaroons


La Creme Frozen Yogurt can be found at two locations:

Boise – 8184 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709 (208) 376-6464

Meridian Village – 3690 E Monarch Sky Ln #110, Meridian, ID 83646 (208) 898-0050

Meridian – 3319 N Eagle Rd, Meridian, ID 83646 (209) 514-2542

10. Delsa’s

Originally a farmhouse on an 80 acre dairy farm, Owen and Delsa Walton began creating ice cream and sweet delectables back in 1922 for the neighborhood kids.

Today, they have more than 30 flavors and have won numerous awards including Treasure valley’s best ice cream, and top 50 Ice cream shops Come have some fun at Delsa’s.

best ice cream shops in boise
Phot credit – Delsa’s

What makes Delsa’s special:

  • Award winning ice cream
  • More than 30 Flavors
  • Rich history in Idaho
  • Parties & events


Delsa’s can be found at: 7923 W Ustick Rd, Boise, ID 83704 (208) 377-3700

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