10 Best doggie day care in boise

If you are local we all know that Boise is growing, FAST, and with that come lots of Dogs, and the need for Doggie Day Care. With busy schedules we have come to rely on the robust Dog Day Care community here in Boise.

From day care drop off to full overnight doggy boarding services, you are sure to find something that fits both your budget and your busy schedule. Dont worry, your little furry friend will be in good hands and will have an amazing time.

1. Camp Bow Wow

This is Boise’s premier doggie day care which offers two locations in the Treasure Valley and provides day care, dog boarding, training. grooming as well as in home care and walking

This facility has dedicated counselors who are experts on providing a fun safe place for your dog. They also provide live web cams incase you miss your little furry friend and want to see them in action.

Photo credit – Camp Bow Wow

What makes Camp Bow Wow special:

  • Established dog experts who love your dog
  • Vaiety of convenient services including grooming, boarding and training
  • Web Cams so you can see your little friend during their stay
  • Regular activities and exercise


Camp Bow Wow can be found at: 3430 South T.K. Ave Boise, ID 83705 (208) 331-5091

2. DogTopia – Boise Greenbelt

As Boise’s newest member of the doggie day care community, it brings a new level of fun for dogs and their owners. located conveniently in Garden City they have an open play facility that is second to none, super modern and treats your dog like a member of the family.

They offer safe socialization with like minded dogs and provide other services such as dog spa and boarding. This facility also offers webcams so you can see your little pup as often as you like.

Photo credit – Dogtopia

What Makes DogTopia – Boise Greenbelt special:

  • State of the art new facility
  • Socialization & Play with like minded (sized) dogs
  • Web Cams
  • Boarding and spa services


Dogtopia can be found at: 3203 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City ID 83714 (208) 563-5116

3. Downtown Hound

These guys are known for their positive, engaging doggy experience, I have taken my dog here and can say that they love my dog as much as I do. Such as fun, healthy play environment, lots of love and professionalism from these folks

If you need puppy training this team knows how to get your started in the right direction. The owner Mandi is dedicated to educating staff in dog behavior and is committed to your dog’s healthy experience.

10 best doggie day care boise
Photo credit – Downtown Hound

What makes Downtown Hound special?

  • Premier Boise dog day care
  • Committed to training and support (holds 5 training certifications)
  • Webcams
  • Playdate approach with like minded and sized dogs


Downtown Hound can be found at: 1021 Lusk St Boise, ID 83706 (208) 344-1060

4. Escape the Crate

Happy healthy dogs are what these folks strive for. They want to hear from you about what your dog needs. They love taking walks, snuggling, Greenbelt excursions and swimming (weather permitting).

Convenient and affordable services such as doggie day school, boarding, training, spa and open play activities. They have webcams and require a reservation so call to get your spot, your dog will love you for it!!

Photo credit – Escape the Crate

What makes Escape the Crate special:

  • Customized dog daycare program
  • Spa, training, daycare and boarding
  • Webcams
  • Reservations no overcrowding


Escape the crate can be found at: 8453 W Elisa St Boise, ID 83709 (208) 362-0882

5. Idaho Dog Park

This is Boise’s most established dog day care and per statements from the owners Scott and Jennifer, they maintain the highest quality of cleanliness and health focus than any other day care and focus on making both dogs and owners happy.

Idaho Dog Park offers an array of services including regular day care, boarding and spa services. They do have a good list of requirements including temperament tests, vaccines and proof of fecal screens. Your dog will love coming here.

Photo credit – Idaho Dog Park

What makes Idaho Dog Park special:

  • Super high quality cleanliness standards
  • Thorough intake process
  • Established Idaho buisness
  • Family owned and Proud


Idaho Dog Park can be found at: 5019 N Sawyer Ave Boise, ID 83714 (208) 322-3317

6. Companions Dog Resorts

Your dog’s home away from and provides doggy day care, boarding bathing and are a certified AKC evaluator. The owner T.J. had extensive experience in dog behavior, puppy development, family pet behavior and therapy dog training, this guy is an honest to goodness dog person all the way!!

They have been voted the #1 best doggy day care for 7 years in a row and have affordable pricing for any budget. Their goal is your goal, keep dogs healthy, happy and busy!!

Photo credit – Companions Dog Resort

What makes Companions Dog Resort special:

  • Owner T.J. Smith is a lifetime Dog behavior specialist
  • Open 7 Days a week
  • Boarding, bathing, daycare
  • Affordable pricing


Companions Dog Resort can be found at: 106 W 39th St Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 386-3647

7. All Paws Stay& Play

This doggie day care is a multigenerational family owned business and they are all about your dogs. They offer a really cool “Retreat” model that is focused on fun, health and social activities.

This retreat has one of the largest outdoor grass active play yard with NO MUD!! They have one of the only Car Hop services in the valley meaning when you pull up, they come to you to scoop up your furry friend for their fun day at the doggie retreat!

Photo credit – All Paws Stay & Play

What makes All Paws Stay & Play special:

  • Largest outdoor grass active play yards
  • Car Hop Service
  • Military, senior and corporarte discounts
  • Family owned and focused on your dog’s comfort


All Paws Stay & Play can be found at: 454 N Phillippi St Boise, ID 83706 (208) 501-8056

8. The Dog House

Family owned doggy day care and dog treat bakery. This small business humble goals of providing a fun safe place for dogs to play and get treats is heart warming.

They offer day camp, overnight care, training and an amazing dog treat bakery that makes treats so good, you might have to try them yourself. Nice place, fun for dogs.

10 best doggie day care in boise

What makes The Dog House special:

  • Dog treat bakery
  • Family owned
  • Training
  • Plenty of dog accessories


The Dog House can be found at: 6004 West Franklin Rd 83709 (208) 331 3060

9. House of Hounds

House of Hounds is a special place in t hat they have one of the smallest dog to handler ratio in the valley, and have an outdoor space that is 9,500 square feet, with turf and K-9 grass. Their indoor area is 5,500 square feet with 4 outdoor webcams and 2 indoor.

This large day care offers outdoor excursions and dog adventures, overnight boarding and spa services for those pampered furry friends. Dogs love it here!

10 best doggie day care boise
Photo credit – House of Hounds

What makes House of Hounds special:

  • Large outdoor and Indoor spaces – Turf & K-9 grass
  • Overnight boarding, spa, daily care, outdoor excursions
  • Reservations
  • Webcams indoor and outdoor


House of Hounds can be found at: 2181 W Commerce Ave Boise, ID 83705 (208) 336-2399

10. Dog Retreat Center

The only doggy day care that incorporates doggy mindfulness and brings more awareness to the energy exchange you ahve with your furry freind. They focus on learning each others body language and allows the natural development of meaningful communication.

This day care center is open 7 days a week year round and offers training, boarding and empathy based socialization programs. This is an amazing place to bring your dog.

Photo credit – Dog Retreat Center

What makes Dog Retreat Center special:

  • Unique mindfulness approach
  • Empathy based socialization
  • 7 days a week all year round
  • Dog needs focused


Dog Retreat Center can be found at: 4605 W Chinden Blvd Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 932-1056

Final Thoughts on Doggie Day Care in Boise

If you like to take your dog with you wherever you go check out number 3 in this list of the Best Coffee Shops in Boise, this one is dog friendly and will even give your pup treats.

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