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As a lifetime bicycle enthusiast and Boise local, I spend a good amount of time in Boise Bike Repair Shops either learning more about bike technology and talking with other fellow bike enthusiasts or dreaming of new future bikes for myself.

Although I typically work on my own bikes, there are always tricky bike repairs that requires another level of expertise. Below I have listed some excellent bike shops that know their stuff when it comes to tackling complex bike repairs to the simple tire or tube replacement.

1. Bikes and Beans

A great place to bring your bike for a quick repair, whether its a full seasonal tune-up to a simple cable or tire replacements.

This is a family owned shop with local friendly folks who actually care about cycling, mountain biking or whatever flavor of cycle you are in to.

The bike techs are experienced and can point you in the right direction whatever your needs are. They also make a mean cup of coffee and your sip while you wait or talk bikes with locals.

10 best boise bike repair shops
Photo credit – Bikes and Beans

What makes Bikes and Beans special:

  • Locally and family owned
  • Expert technical bike knowledge
  • Tons of bike accessories
  • Boutique bike brands
  • Part cafe and coffee specialists


Bikes and Beans can be found at: 1350 S Vista Ave, Boise, ID 83705 (208) 639-2841

2. George’s Cycles

George’s Cycles is Boise’s premium cycle shop offering some of the best bike repair services available in Boise. They have one of the best repair shops I have seen in my biking career and would be confident in bringing my bike here for repairs.

They also offer an amazing variety of bikes including road, mountain, electric, gravel, city and kid bikes. Their accessories inventory is quite amazing as well and will provide any avid bicyclist with everything they would need and is one of the best bike repair shops in Boise.

Super friendly folks who are involved in the cycling community and are interested in your needs; they love to talk about bikes.

Photo credit – George’s Cycles

What makes George’s special:

  • Premium bike shop with an amazing inventory
  • Cycling community involvement and a great resource
  • Amazing repair shop, they can fix anything
  • Cater to all types of biking enthusiasts
  • Giant store, lots of inventory


George’s Cycles can be found at: 312 S 3rd Street Boise, ID 83702 (208) 343-3782

3. Eastside Cycles

This shop is a pure play neighborhood bike resource, they offer same day bike repairs as well as a convenient scheduling process that works with your schedule.

They guys that work here are neighborhood employees who ride and love all things bikes. This shop knows bikes and can handle anything you can throw at them. I love these guys!!

They offer a unique bike brands made in Canada and will go over an above to get your riding and back on the road, this is a great shop!

10 Best Boise Bike Repair Shops
Photo credit – Eastside Cycles

What makes Eastside Cycles special:

  • Experienced Technical bike know-how
  • Same-day turnaround repairs
  • Local neighborhood shop and very friendly
  • Very well connected in the Boise cycling community


Eastside Cycles can be found at: 3072 Bown Way, Boise, ID 83706 208-344-3005

4. Idaho Mountain Touring

This is a real Boise gem. If you are a local you need to know about this amazing bike shop offering quality bike repairs. Not only do they have an amazing bike staff and highly skilled techs, they also offer an array of outdoor items for skiing, backpacking and camping.

This shop is known for their well stocked bike repair items and are happy to make recommendations to encourage your continued learning about how to maintain your bike. They also provide great information about where to ride and current bike events.

This shop also offers rentals and a huge high end inventory of bikes and accessories. You will love this shop, I know I do!

Photo credit – Idaho Mountain Touring

What makes Idaho Mountain Touring special:

  • High end bike repair shop, knowledgable techs
  • Two convenient locations, Boise & Meridian
  • Complete Outdoor store including Skiing, Backpacking & Camping
  • Outdoor community resource, they know the good riding spots
  • Bike rentals for low cost


Idaho Mountain Touring can be found at: 1310 W Main St Boise, ID 83702 (208) 336-3854

5. Joyride Cycles

This is a small shop that packs a big punch. These guys are the go to shop for mountain bike tech, repairs and the latest high end mountain bike needs. The folks that work here are what I like to call the hard core mountain bike enthusiasts, they live to ride and ride to live.

The are one of the valleys best for custom suspension service and tuning and quick repair turnaround with a smile. They offer a great bike trade in program via the Pro’s closet and have multiple locations for your convenience.

When it comes to learning about the best trail rides and high end mountain bike repairs, mountain bike accessories and parts, this is where I go!

Photo credit – Joy Ride Cycles

What makes Joyride Cycles special:

  • Specialized in custom suspension service & tuning
  • Mountain bike focused – Only Shop in Boise with Santa Cruz
  • Quick turnaround on repairs
  • All employees are riders and know the best trails
  • Healthy mountain bike accessories inventory


Joyride Cycles can be found at: 1306 W. Alturas St. Boise, ID 83702 (208) 947-0017

6. TriTown Bicycles

This shop is Bosie’s go to shop for all things triathlon. The owner of this shop is an avid triathlete and offers a unique service focused on coaching and bike fitting. They staff provides a wealth of knowledge to aspiring cyclists and is very well connected in the cycling community.

TriTown offers a great, well run shop for all your bike repair needs as well as some unique European bike brands such as Orbea, and Cervello. The staff delivers real value and spend time with customers to get the right fit for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Rentals are also available in either a traditional mountain/city bike as well as electric cruisers for an easy weekend or evening ride. You will love this shop!

Photo credit – TriTown Bicycles

What makes TriTown Bicycles special:

  • Unique Triathalon focused shop
  • Coaching and bike fitting services
  • Highly trained and talended road bike specialists
  • Well connected to the triathalon community
  • Unique European bike brands – Orbea & Cervello


TriTown Bicycles can be found at: 1510 N 13th St Boise, ID 83702 (208) 297-7943

7. Trek Bicycles Boise West

Boise’s own Trek shop provides the latest products from Trek and Bontrager. This shop is well staffed and offers their signature 24-hour repair service turnaround for all types of bikes.

Not only does this shop provide amazing friendly service, they often host bike clinics and community rides as well as opportunities to stay up to date on current bike trends and technology.

If Electric bikes are your thing, Trek is on the cutting edge and the staff here can help you navigate your next electric bike investment. Really good experience at this shop, I visit there often.

Photo credit – Trek Bicycles Boise West

What makes Trek Bicycles Boise West special:

  • Trek brand
  • Signature 24-hour repair service turnaround
  • In-store clinics
  • Community rides
  • Latest electric bike technology
  • Healthy parts and accessories inventory


Trek Bicycles Boise can be found at: 1401 North Milwaukee Street Boise, ID 83704 (208) 5131412

8. Bob’s Bicycles

This shop has been family owned and operated since 1979. Their staff is always helpful and friendly. Repair shop is one of the best in the valley and has been servicing bikes since its opening. They call themselves the “Everyman” shop and cater to all types of bikes and interests

Bob’s offers a great variety of inventory and bike brands including Giant, Scott, Liv and Fuji as well as Haro kids bikes and Electra city bikes. These guys love to sell bikes so feel free to wheel and deal.

If you need something quick, Bob’s will more than likely have what you need, go and check it out and say hi to Bob (he still works there)

What makes Bob’s Bicycles special:

  • Always healthy inventory of bikes and accessories
  • Wheel specialist – they love wheels
  • Well established shop with knowledgeable mechanics
  • Fast, friendly and supportive family owned business


Bob’s Bicycles can be found at: 6681 Fairview Ave. Boise, ID 83704 (208) 322-8042

9. World Cycle & XC Ski

They only shop in Boise that caters to bike enthusiasts and cross country skiers. World Cycle bike repair shop is known for their extensive knowledge on suspension systems and can service all your mountain bike repair needs, including complete overhauls.

Bike brands include Scott, Norco, Devinci, Salsa and Linus. If you are a cross country skier they specialize in equipment from Salomon, Craft and Swix. Family owned and always helpful.

The staff and shop engage in local bike and ski community activities including sponsorship to local preservation organizations. I always feel good shopping here, such a great staff with purpose, check them out.

10 best boise bike repair shops
Photo credit – World Cycle & XC Ski

What makes World Cycle & XC Ski special:

  • Cater to Both Bike and XC Ski enthusiasts
  • Full suspension specialists
  • Family owned customer service driven
  • Nordic XC services and inventory


World Cycle & XC Ski can be found at 1407 W. State St Boise, ID 83702 (208) 343-9130

10. Spokey Joes

A recent newcomer to the boise bike community offers a wonderful family owned experience. Their focus is to deliver friendly service and great quality bikes for the commuter, urban rider as well as the mountain and fitness rider.

Their shop has a quick repair turnaround and always delivers quality and great service, I take my kids bikes here and they are always on par with quality and consistency.

The owner, Diane is always ready to help you find what you need, she is also a great resource for some of the best bike resources available. Its always a pleasure visiting Spokey Joe’s, enjoy.

10 best boise bike repair shops

What makes Spokey Joe’s special:

  • Family focused & family owned
  • Qualtiy repair services shop run by owner
  • Commuter and Urban bike specailits
  • Healthy inventory of parts and accessories


Spokey Joe’s can be found at: 2337 S. Apple Street Boise, ID 83706 (208) 202-2920

Final thoughts on the best Boise bike repair shops

I have based this list on the best Boise bike repair shops off of my own experiences and love of bikes. I know there are more out there, but I want to know what do you think are the best Boise bike repair shops? Comment below and let me know which ones I missed or ones you would like to know more about.

If you are looking for more fun, bike friendly Boise spots, check out #10 on this list of best Boise coffee shops as the cater to bike enthusiasts

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